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While having stress from the blunt knife, are you giving up from sharpening the knife due to the following reasons? “I cannot sharpen it by myself.” “It seems difficult.” “it might be troublesome”
As for knife sharpening, choosing the right sharpening stone and keeping up the regular maintenance by yourself are recommendable.
Your fittable sharpening stones depend on the conditions about whether the person is familiar to sharpening or not, and also it depends on the conditions about one’s physical build and strength as well as what kinds of things are honed.
We have the original series lineup to meet your demands.

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The types and the choosing process of the sharpening stones

  • The grain size (roughness of the grain) is divided into rough, medium and finish grinding wheels, each of which has a role.
  • The grain size( the roughness of the grain) is categorized as rough, Midium and finishing stones, each of which has different role.

    Midium stone is the first thing we want you to have.
    It is for smoothening and sharpening the edge, which makes most frequent use.
    60~70% of the sharpening process is consumed.

    The Midium stone is recommendable if you use the kitchen knife.
    Approx. between #400 and #1200 (The figure means the grain size, and the bigger figure shows the finer grain size.)

  • Use a rough stone to remove rust when cutting or re-cutting.
  • In case of missing or replacing the blade, rough grin stone is used for removing the rust.
    The approximate range is in between #100 and #320.
    The finishing stone is the one for removing the fine bleeds and ‘the tear’ that are come off in the sharpening process toward the medium grind, and smoothening the edge to make them sharper, which is used in the most sensitive tasks in the sharpening process.
    Those that is finer than #2000

  • The hardness may be described as the criteria for selecting a grinding wheel.
  • The selecting standard for the sharpening stones is often said be the toughness.
    Because those are produced by the vitrified method, those have higher plane retention and relatively more solid toughness than the ones produced by the other methods. However, the firing process is likely to give rise to the difference in the toughness, and there exists a certain range of the toughness even if those are same products. Given the condition, the toughness can be selected according to the things to be honed and the people who hone. In general, the soft grain is preferred for the beginners whereas the tougher one is prefeed for those who are familiar to the sharpening.

  • The plane retention is high, but if left alone it may cause distortion of the grinding surface.
  • Despite its high plain retention, the sharpening stone surface happens to distort when it is being left for long time.
    The original series come with the small co-sliding sharpening stones that have same qualities as the products
    After sharpening those, relatively flat sharpening stone surface can be maintained by surface sliding.
    Furthermore, before sliding the co-sliding sharpening stones, nice and smooth sharpening performance is achieved.

    Flattening stone is prepared to maintain the flat sharpening stone surface. That is the indispensable item for achieving constant and comfortable sharpening performance.

Industrial Stones

  • The sharpening stones for fine sharpening.
    There are various usages such as metallic processing, interior sharpening, spherical sharpening inside bearing, outer ring track abrasives: diamond tool dressing etc. There are also wide usages in the work that is related to the metal, non-metal, ceramic, and glass etc.
    The outstanding excellency of the sharpening performance and the advantage of the stable usage without any transformation are both provided, which is the strength of the Vitrified method.
    The sharpening stones’ shapes vary for those usages, and we will tailor to the designated shapes that correspond to the customers’ requests. The production will be made with the grain size between #46 and #4000.

    ※Oil stone
    It is widely used in the situations such as corners, threads, round surface sharpening, and the sharpening for the tough steels and knives etc., and the shapes are not only square but also triangle bar, round stick, semicircular stick, and stick.

Sharpening style (professional skills)

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