Product Detail

Product Detail

Shoki #3000

  • Shoki #3000
  • Type Finishing sharpening stone
    Abrasive material Aluminum oxide abrasives, Al2O3
    Binder High-temperature molten ceramic bond materia
    Production method Pores ceramic method
    Color tone White
    Grain size #3000 central particle size approx. 4.5μ
    Size Approx. 205 × 75 × 25 mm
    Price ¥6800(+tax)
    Application For general knives

    *Highly recommendable products for any kind of steels
    The repeat clients are increased after improving the products.

A sharpening stone used for the final process in the blade grinding process. Used for the most delicate steps in the grinding operation.
It is used to remove the fine scratches and “burly” that occur on the cutting edge during rough and medium grinding stages and to adjust the cutting edge.
In the abrading operation, this step greatly affects the sharpness of the blade and determines the longevity of the blade.
Abrasive work is greatly influenced by the gender, physical size, physical strength, etc. of the abraser. Therefore, it is desirable to examine the hardness and shape of the sharpening stone sufficiently.
This product is manufactured by high-pressure molding and high-temperature firing of a raw material containing a high-temperature melt (about 1,200 ° C or more) type ceramic binder based on high-purity alumina grinding material. The strength of the glass is connected, and the synergistic effect with the fine pores present there is the best abrasiveness with the cutting edge of the new abrasive material always floating on the abrasive surface.
It excels in weather resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance as an effect on the manufacturing method, and maintains its performance without deterioration in semipermanence without special attention in storage method as compared with the sharpening stones of other manufacturing methods.

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