Product Detail

Product Detail

The sharpening stone for fine sharpening

  • The sharpening stone for fine sharpening
  • Type Industrial sharpening stone

    The sharpning stones’ shapes vary for those usages, and we will tailor to the designated shapes that correspond to the customers’ requests. The production will be made with the grain size between #46 and #4000.

Mold processing ・ Inner surface honing ・ Spherical honing ・ inside bearing ・ Outer ring track grinding: Diamond
There are a wide variety of applications, such as for dressing Mondeware.
In addition, metal, non-ferrous metal, ceramics, glass, etc. are widely used in work.
It combines the advantages of the vitrified method with the excellent polishing performance and the advantage of stable use with almost no deterioration.

Yamato cash on delivery fee (¥ 1,000 + tax) will be charged separately. However, for orders of 30,000 yen or more (excluding tax), we accept shipping fee free of charge.

Sharpening style (professional skills)

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