Product Detail

Product Detail

Turugi #400

  • Turugi #400
  • Type Medium sharpening stone
    Abrasive material Aluminum oxide abrasives, zirconia abrasives Al2O3, ZrO2
    Binder High-temperature molten ceramic bond material
    Production method Pores ceramic method
    Color tone Yellow-white marble
    Grain size #400 central particle size approx. 30μ
    Size Approx. 205 × 75 × 25㎜
    Approx. 240 × 100 × 40㎜
    Price ¥ 3600(+tax)
    ¥ 8800(+tax)
    Application For general knives

    *The swift honing process and the relaxing honing sound are beginner-friendly.
    The usability of the product appeals to the wide range of users such as craftsmen.
    The frequent use of the sharpening stone extends its scales to the bigger ones that can hone with excellent stability.

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