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    June 10th, 2019 Someone who use our products often say,
    “ It seems this stone is rough.”
    We answer,
    “ It may be that abrasive grain touch knives directly.”
    Our products are made by “Vitorifaid” method.
    This process is that abrasive and ceramic binder are mixed, pressed by high pressure and baked at temperature of near 1300 degree Celsius.
    When the stones are baked, ceramic binder melt.
    And then they are vitrification. 
    This way, our stones porous structure, which is only stones made by “Vitorifaid” method.
    The abrasive grain touch knives directly.
    And the porous structure can have enough water in its inside.
    These bring you comfortable and high quality sharpening.

    We’ll happy to know our stone’s performance and enjoy sharpening with our products.

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